the perverted feminism of the burka

September 6, 2006

the women we most respect are anti-muslim feminists – but it came to us tonight that wearing the burka carries a strong, if misguided, feminist message: fighting male oppression through the denial of one’s own femininity. the same way in which some western feminists have confused female liberation with replicating masculinity in, for example, dress and behaviour, so burka-wearing muslim women find strength in concealing their femininity.


4 Responses to “the perverted feminism of the burka”

  1. hairybeast Says:

    The Beast hates himself for finding that picture oddly arousing…

  2. yucca Says:

    the yucca hates himself for putting it there exactly so that it would produce that reaction…

  3. Felicia Says:

    The reason fraterseraphino referred to this link as “not work safe” is that many blog readers are reading email and blogs from their place of employment where viewing or displaying nudity is often specifically against the work rules of many businesses. Bloggers who are cognizant of such work rules and sensitive to the needs of their readers tend to warn their readership. Blog readers, wanting to conform to their employer’s work rules, tend to appreciate being forewarned. The usual terminology is NSFW (not safe for work).

  4. yucca Says:

    hi Felicia, thanks for this; I understand now (it is, you must admit, a good picture)

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