Britain, Politics

is Gordon in trouble?

we had the sense that Brown, this time, had moved too early; and that he had either lost control over the wild ramblings of his supporters, or that he had overestimated what he could get away with. Confirmation came this morning, when Charles Clarke referred to Brown’s handling of this last few days as “absolutely stupid”. Clarke, let us remember, resigned on Blair last time around, refusing a compensatory job in government after he was made leave the Home Office. If since then Clarke has gone back to Blair’s camp, then these comments aren’t too important, even though they come from a big name. If, on the other hand, Clarke is speaking for himself or, worse still for Brown, for those in the Labour party that are not committed to either Blair or Brown, then this is big fat trouble for Brown: then, Clarke’s words are the first manifestation of what some people saw coming from the very beginning; that Gordon will never make it to n.10


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