no more metaphors, please

September 10, 2006

“The Middle East is Earth’s cancer” (heard last night on Channel 4)


2 Responses to “no more metaphors, please”

  1. hairybeast Says:

    Very powerful piece Yucca. I was moved.

    Hey, The Beast also saw that you got the final comment at’s hysterical post on the “Path To 911” series.

    “Sir, I thank you for remembering, in the very last paragraph of your huge post, that 2,996 people died five years ago today”

    Perfect, perfect perfect! Well, except it was written by a “Madame” (Christy Hardin Smith ) not a “Sir”, hence all the emotion at the beginning. You really got the focus there, otherwise. Proud to have you on my blogroll, we got to get you more readers.

  2. yucca Says:

    Hi Beast, the ‘sir’ was meant to give it a sort of british flavour… i guess i should have checked first. anyway, proud to have you on my blogroll too!

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