September 11, 2006

In everlasting memory of Jonathan Briley (and of all those others who jumped, and of all those who didn’t)


6 Responses to “9/11”

  1. Here is another outcome – one the same day – over one hundred years ago.


    May we all find peace ~

  2. writerchick Says:

    We will never, ever forget!

  3. yucca Says:

    hi integrationcoach, thanks for the gandhi link

    hi writerchick, we won’t

  4. martina Says:

    take this damn fuckin pic out of the internet!!
    this man has his own privacy!!
    let him rest in peace
    omfg!! x[

  5. yucca Says:


    im not sure there is such a thing as the right to privacy. nor am i sure that dead people have any rights or are, in fact, people.

    i take your point though…

  6. bil Says:


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