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100% desperate

We have always known that were the environment to become an instrument of propaganda, that would have been the end of our chances to actually do something for the planet. Today is that day: the Scottish Liberal Democrats have proposed nothing less than 100% of Scottish energy to come from renewables by 2050. It is not just that it is an impossible target (which it is), or that it is a misleading target (which it is, because we should be focusing on the energy needs of the whole of Britain: how silly would it be if for example in 2050 the whole of Scottish energy demand would be met by renewables, while at the same time Scotland would host the nuclear power stations necessary to feed the rest of the country…); it is rather that the LibDems’ proposal is just a desperate attempt to look greener than Cameron. When the LibDems will realize that environmental issues are not the best way to distinguish themselves from the other parties, they will forget about the planet, once again.


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