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Reid is good news for Brown

If in the end the Blairite candidate for the Labour Leadership election will be Home Secretary John Reid, as it appeared after Reid’s speech at the Labour Conference, that would mean that Blairites will have given up their struggle against Brown and accepted him as next Labour Leader (but not necessarily as next PM – that might very well be Dave Cameron). John Reid is just that bit too much even for hardcore New Labour folk, and the Blairites know that – so if they go with Reid, they are not running for winning the Leadership election. If, on the other hand, they go with a Alan Johnson kind of candidate, then Brown might still win, but he would do so against the wishes of Blairites.


3 thoughts on “Reid is good news for Brown

  1. Is Blair a character out of “Shaun Of The Dead” now? The Beast imagines him shambling around #10 in a disheveled frock coat, moaning and wheezing.

    Next he will show up outside The Winchester Pub eating live pigeons.

    And that will just exacerbate things of all of us…

  2. hi Beast

    goddmn typoes do that, but at least they preserve some kind of reality even within the net, some distinction between how things went and how they could have, or should have, gone. let us preserve that.

    on blair, he actually gave a great speech, which i should have talked about. so he’ll go, but he’ll go well

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