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NHS (Not Here, Stupid!)

The other day I went to my GP to get my ankle x-rayed. The nurse said they didn’t do that sort of thing, and that I should go to the hospital. To the A&E, in fact – Accidents and Emergencies. I tried to tell her that it was no emergency, but by then she had already forgotten all about me, and her full attention was back on the computer screen (maybe she too has a blog, who knows…). Anyway, needless to say, it seems madness that one has to go to the A&E for a twisted ankle. We should be taking pressure and work load off hospitals, not off GPs (Are you taking notes, Gordon?).

UPDATE: on a more interesting note, wordpress spelling&grammar software does not recognise the word ‘blog’… from madness to madness…


3 thoughts on “NHS (Not Here, Stupid!)

  1. Ds says:

    Heya Just stopped by to say I agree. I Hurt my ankle a while back and occasionally it hurts but everyone says to go to A+E for it. :S Maddness I say an emergency is like- I cant walk or Function but not for a small issue that GP’s should be dealing with.
    Yucca You are right and people need to listen 😛

    Also Just thought id throw an aside in here a mate of mine went to A+E for a headache not a bad one but a normal everyday one. Just turned off the road and walked to A+E :S The nurses were like WTF!

    Although it was kinda worth it to see the kis with the saucepan on his head XD

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