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A, very modest, proposal

Blair cannot pretend that Scottish independentism is just about economic interests: the same way that the Nats’ commitment to an independent Scotland goes far beyond their desire to control Scottish resources, others, on the left, want to leave the Union because they want free of the Queen. In a slogan, if the Nats want to ditch the “United” bit of the UK (in fact in their plans for independence the Queen would remain Head of State), others are more worried about the “Kingdom” bit. And it is just those people that might tip the balance at the next Scottish elections if the debate is polarized by the independence issue: people that wouldn’t’ mind independence if that opened up the possibility of a Scottish Republic. So here comes the proposal: Mr. Blair, promise us a British Republic, and we’ll stick to Westminster.


3 thoughts on “A, very modest, proposal

  1. pudding says:

    Yeah lets lose the monarchy. No more bowing and scraping to a ‘god-appointed’, ancient bloodline. There’s no real place for them in the 21st century. If we want to undermine the influence of the church and other outdated institutions on our society, the royal family, as a mere residue of the middle ages, will also have to go.

  2. completely agree. among those institutions that you mention i would add, and im sure you’re with me on this, patriarcal society and class discrimination…

    even though the queen is a woman, to be fair…

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