Environment, vegetarianism

poor wee veggies

customer: Do you have any vegetarian option?
: Yes, Sir, we do. Our vegetarian option is get-the-fuck-out-of-here!

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4 thoughts on “poor wee veggies

  1. I was visiting a prison yesterday, and was looking down from one of the landings at the prisoners sat in rows on chairs watching the TV (a luxury I do not believe they should have), and seeing all their heads it reminded me of rows of cabbages. This is what TVs do, turn people into cabbages.

  2. you must warn your prisoners, Home Secretary, that all that green my tempt me, and i might end up eating them all – which, overall, would help you, home secretary… it might avoid you building all these off shore prisons…

    speakin of tv, i have an idea for your labour leadership contest: why don’t you declare that if you become PM you will ban TV… i think old labour will love that

  3. If TVs were outlawed I think more people would turn out for the election. However, I fear it would lose me more votes than I would win. Besides, as you know, I am a reasonable and fair man and do not believe in draconian measures.

    BTW, have you read my latest liberal measures to deal with these foreign terrorists?

  4. Home Secretary, I trust your judgement on the TV legislation

    I did read your remarks on national security. I do advice you to make those filty bastards wear some sort of badge. they will identify so much with it that it’ll stick. an old friend of mine tried this on his country some time ago, and it worked brillantly for him…

    on the subject, HS, you might want to check out the blog The Hairy Beast (in my blogroll): it’s got some inspiring footage on previous englithened leaders of your brave little country.

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