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a yummy slice of denial, late at night…

What can a Blairite blogger say on a night like this? After Levy has been arrested, AGAIN? I’ll just have to help myself to a slice of juicy denial: let us talk about Sunday’s interview (the one in which Blair, you’ll say, repeatedly refused to answer questions on cash for peerages? – no, shut up, you can’t say that; what’s the point of denial, otherwise?). So, Sunday’s interview (the lowest point in Blair’s legacy, you mean? – no, I told you to shut up; you must respect my denial… it’s me writing this, after all): at one point Blair was asked about his future and, surprise surprise, he refused to answer… no, wait, that’s not the point. The point is the interviewer was going on about the fact that Blair was still young, and that he must have had plans, and such… and Blair actually said something (yes, stupid, you better believe it; denial or not denial, he had a point to make; our PM actually did not refuse to comment…). He said that the media should get used to PMs finishing their job when they are still young, and moving on to do other stuff. Now, why did he say that? (yes, I know, you’ll have a ready made answer: that was a poor attempt at diversion; but, remember, I’m in denial, so not only I decide what to talk about, I also choose my explanations) So here’s why he said that: who’s the PM in waiting who’s likely to be still young at the end of his mandate? Yes, you guessed it, it’s not Gordon Brown… if that slimy (what’s the point of being a Blairite blogger if you can’t even have a go at g.b.?) lump of rotten flesh ever wins an election he’ll probably be sorting out a nursing home for his younger child by the time he leaves office. So Blair was not so implicitly anticipating a fat-Dave (hey, but they are both fat, Cameron and Brown, so you can’t use it to refer to Dave; once and for all, silence! I’m in denial, and this is my blog!) victory at the next election. Our wee slice of denial (yup, we’re not only Blairite, but also Scottish… kinda like being plump on the cat-walk (yes, dumb too), these days) is quite yummy indeed: our man has been in office a decade, and is still there; where’s yours? hangin on…


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