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Osama: a foreign to foreign policy

Osama yesterday presented his Iraq exit strategy to the Senate. He wants to pull out in spring 2008, in time for the troops to vote. There is an illuminating passage (thanks Ron) in Osama’s plan: so far, exit strategy proposals have all been about let’s bring the troops home if conditions such and such apply. Osama’s plan is the opposite: it individuates next Spring as the deadline for pull-out, but then it concedes that, if Iraq gets better, the troops might stay a bit longer. What’s the point of that? In a more stable Iraq, less American soldiers would die – that’s Osama’s thinking. Yes, but what would American soldiers do in a more stable Iraq, Osama? That doesn’t really matter, as long as they don’t die (thereby screwing Osama’s election). This proposal reveals how little concerned are Osama and the anti-war Democrats with the future of Iraq, and with the job Coalition Forces are doing there: they are so little concerned with it that, if the troops are needed, they must be pulled out; but if the troops are no longer needed, then they can stay.


8 thoughts on “Osama: a foreign to foreign policy

  1. oh, but this is no joke, if you mean the fact that i keep mispelling barack obama’s name… i am emphasising one of the reasons why i think he has NO CHANCE of becoming the next US president. very serious stuff indeed!

  2. fran-tes-to says:

    yeah, I know you’re really subtle, assuming others perspectives about Obama to stress their racism… a particular kind of “racism” (am I right?)

    Jokes are always serious stuff

  3. fran-tes-to says:

    particular kind of racism = everyone arguing against the war is unamerican, just like terrosists. Obama is black, not so black, just like the arabics, so everything fits … (the “others” are all the same -in this case they ‘re all enemies- if they’re skin is different, if they think different…)

    maybe this just my way to render what you wrote

    You put togehter your reasonable critics to him with stupid (any kind of) racism, someone could misread (don’t worry, I don’t)

  4. yup, that’s just what i mean… and actually, being misread is part of the point im makin… cause the republicans (and maybe even hillary) are not going to say: look, he’s black; look, he’s anti-war; look, he’s middle name is hussein; look, his second name sounds like osama… no, they cant do that; they are just gonna throw hints, and sometimes mispell it, and sometime mispronounce it, and stuff like that…

  5. The rationale is that there has been precious little (if any) progress in Iraq since major combat operations “ended.” It is apparent to Senator Obama and most Americans that US troops are not doing any good and should be withdrawn. Senator Obama’s bill, however, leaves open the possibility of retaining troops in Iraq should there be significant evidence that their presence is helping.

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