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immediate media anyone?

PM has been interviewed by police, AGAIN! Denial forces me to diverge attention from cash for peerages; so let’s talk about something far scarier than your PM being a criminal: Blair was interviewed last Friday (so before his worst ever interview), and we only found out today – a week later. Old, new, or middle-aged media, none of us is very immediate.


3 thoughts on “immediate media anyone?

  1. Pity, maybe. Shame, certainly. Incredulity, yes. Sorrow, no. Blair is a common criminal and a war criminal and has created the shambles at home and the descent into barbarism in Iraq. He deserves everything he gets.

  2. the only thing he’ll get is probably a high profile highly paid corporate job. does he deserve that?

    i dunno about cash4peerages. i get the impression nothing major will happen to him until he is in office, and after that nobody will care anymore…

    on the other hand, why has everybody else been arrested without charge, while he has only been interviewed? i guess the answer is two letters, the first being the letter after O in the alphabet…

  3. Dave On Fire says:

    Be patient. These things take time. I think people might still care when he’s out of office. And as for the unimmediate media, preparing, vetting, and regurgitating press releases is an involde procedure not to be rushed.

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