Britain, London

seen in London (4)

This woman approaches me to beg. But she suddenly has to retreat, having her mobile just rang.


6 thoughts on “seen in London (4)

  1. fran-tes-to says:

    Jesus! Maybe she had also one of that credit card machine wireless connected to some terminal, and was about to ask you to use your own card. Investigate it

  2. was it not clear what i meant? i just meant it as a sign of modernity that beggars use mobiles… but maybe the “suddenly” makes it all more interesting… i shall indeed investigate further:)

  3. in fact i think this post is ten years too late… anyway, shall we call it progress?

    how do they recharge their mobiles, poor kenyans? does everyone have elecricity at home?

  4. fran-tes-to says:

    no one has it, they pay some guys who own batteries to recharge their phones,

    I don’t know if it’s progress, but I’m sure it’s better having mobiles than being without any possibilities of comunicating (in Kenya, except for the big cities, there are no “fix” phones, no lines)

  5. oh, yeah, now i remember talkin about this thing… interesting aspect of the market, owning batteries when no-one has access to electricity… dont tell murdoch, otherwise darkness might fall upon us

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