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jesus camp

Jesus Camp, the documentary about Evangelical Christians (Academy Award nominated – found through Dave)


4 thoughts on “jesus camp

  1. fran-tes-to says:

    all?!!! Wow, I was about to download it and try to find the subtitles (yeah, my english is not so good!), I heard a lot about it

    About your last post, as a lefty europea, I hope Rudy Giulian will win the republican nomination, so all these crap will lose his weight role in the american right

  2. it is pretty long… about subtitles, have a look around google video, they’re bound to have a subtitled version

    which crap do you mean? the religious crap or the war crap? ’cause i think that giuliani and mccain are quite similar on both issues. in 2000, mccain lost the republication nomination to bush because he told the christian right they were nuts

    did you look at mccain speak, though? the guy can do it!

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