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After watching this, if I were American, and a Republican, I would know who’s my man for President. But since I’m just another lefty European, I hope Hillary makes it (yes, just because she’s a woman).


2 thoughts on “McCain

  1. Yucca,

    You may well get your wish, although The Beast thinks that it is a bit odd to choose a Chief Executive for a nation based on the kind of genitals he or she has been equipped by fate with.

    Yes, McCain did well to hold Democratic senator’s feet to the fire yesterday. The main issue there was the fact that, despite four competing resolutions up for debate (two from each side), Senate Majority leader Harry Reid overreached himself when he announced only two would be debated. And he chose which ones.

    Senate Minority Leader McConnell convinced Republicans that they could not let the Democratic leader pick their amendment. Republicans refused to vote on cloture for this and all resolutions tanked.

    Resulting headlines were rather odd – Republicans who had wanted to debate ALL resolutions, not just the ones chosen by the Dems, were branded as obstructionists who didn’t want debate.

    But that’s the press for you. Even the reporters in the senate who sat through the entire proceeding and KNEW the whole story pressed the Dem spin on it later that day.

  2. Beast,

    I don’t know whether Hillary would make a good President, and definitely I don’t think that which genitals you happen to have matter for that. But the point is exactly that I fear that voters might make those genitals matter against her. And that’s why I think it would be good news for america and the world at large if she won.

    Yes, I was very impressed with McCain. And the funny thing is that I am not sure that I buy his argument about disjunctive support. It seems to me that you can be very supportive of someone that is doing something you think they should not be doing. Think of parents of adult children. They are all the time disagreeing about their children’s choices, but the good parents are not less supportive because of that (sorry for the paternalistic undertone of the analogy).

    Anyway, the reason why I thought McCain was right, even though is argument might have been unconvicing, is that he is talking of the military’s percetion of the political position. And clearly that perception is not the same thing as the potential coherence of the political position. Also, he is, genuinly and, as you say, angrily attakin what’s hidden behind that disjunctive political position. And that I liked, apart from enjoing his delivery very much.

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