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notes on ‘Jesus Camp’

It’s common among Christians to pray when faced with a touch decision (and, as dilemmas go, it doesn’t get much harder than whether to send your kids to Bible Camp). Evangelical Christians have gone a step further: they have substituted the verb ‘to decide’ with the verb ‘to pray’. So, in Jesus Camp, the minister does not tell families to decide whether to send their kids to Bible Camp; she rather tells them to pray whether to send their kids to Bible Camp. This is no irrelevant difference: it undermines the Christian commitment to free will.

P.S. Did you notice, dear Pope, that the minister, in Jesus Camp, is a woman?


7 thoughts on “notes on ‘Jesus Camp’

  1. maryt says:

    Don’t mean to be picky but the word meaning to send up word to the Lord is spelled PRAY not “prey”. Prey is what lions and tigers go after to eat.

    I agree the Pope should let women be priests…

  2. oh, god, i did spell it ‘prey’, didn’t I? i could tell you that it was a bad joke from an atheist, but the truth is im just a godless foreign, who is relyin too much on spell check these days… thanks for tellin me, anyhow. i changed it, but the comments will stay as testimony of my ignorance:)

    on my way…

  3. fran-tes-to says:

    nice lapsus (maybe it means becoming prey of the prayer and losing the free will…)! however you hit the point! definitely!

    this thing you noticed explains so much!!! great ‘work’!
    I still haven’t seen Jesus Camp, but as soon as possible I wil watch it

    [I don’t know if pope should let women be priest (ok, I know, of course he should), but I know that women shouldn’t let a man become pope]

  4. what about “prey of my own ignorance”?

    anyway, its an interesting issue: there is a point in the film when the minister tells the kids that god can do anything, and that they should ask god to change “this old sick world”. and the moment later she tells them that it is them, little kids, that must change the world. this, actually, suggests that evangelicals are just goin through the normal christian struggle between god’s omnipotence and free will, rather than giving up the struggle and become prey (;-)) of god’s omnipotence, as the post suggested.

    [as if we could stop someone from becomin pope…]

  5. fran-tes-to says:

    what you say it’s about their ideology (struggle between god and freewill), however the post it’s about what they say and do, and there’s may lays the difference

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