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illuminated examples

Harvard‘s new President is a woman. Can America take a hint?


4 thoughts on “illuminated examples

  1. Fortunately most of America doesn’t feel obliged to follow the lead of Harvard. However, America’s Secretary of State is a woman, as are the Secretaries of Labor, Education, and Transportation, as well as the US Trade Representative. The Clinton Administration had a total of five women in the Cabinet, the Bush Administration has had six so far.

    America is perfectly happy to have a woman President. It just needs a decent candidate.

  2. your hint being that Hillary is not a decent candidate, Dave?

    my position is this: the mere fact that Hillary is a woman is a sufficient reason to vote for her, and if I were American I would. Whether she is a better candidate than Obama, McCain, or Giuliani, I don’t know… she’s got more experience at the top level, I could say… we could get into the argument of who is the better candidate, but as I said I find the fact that she would be the first woman president a sufficient condition – for obvious reasons of neverending discrimination and objectification.

  3. I never took you for a Thatcherite! I must assume this for the sake of consistency.

    I’m sure you can tell that I’m way too right-wing to find Hillary palatable. I was a resident of Arkansas when she was the First Lady of that state, so I’ve been familiar with Hillary for far too long. It would be safe to say that Hillary stands for just about everything I’m against and vice versa.

  4. im not sure you have to assume that: indipendently from my judgement on PM Thatcher and on that era of british politics in general, I think it was a good thing from britain and the whole of europe that a woman had reached so much power before the ’70s were even over

    and thats my point about hillary too: i dont know whether she would be a good president. i only know that it would be good for america and the world if, finally, the most powerful person on earth (if the US President is) is a woman

    yes, i guess your “babies” reference had given you away:)

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