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A forgotten chunk

Just a wee truism about Unicef’s report: that a society as a whole is better off does not imply that each of its components are better off; nor does it imply that none of its components are worse off. A chunk of society is left behind, and it is the very chunk which reproduces more (this is, by the way, my general opinion of Blair’s decade: its success, or failure, might be measured by the size of that chunk).


5 thoughts on “A forgotten chunk

  1. Sounds like you ‘ve been reading my blog! Particularly this post about href=””>how society’s actions are affecting evolution and this one about the recent Unicef report your post is about.

    The Unicef report was interesting in showing us the human effect of the bell shaped curve, or normal distribution of people around the median level of well, whatever you want – well-being, wealth, height etc. What would be interesting would be to see how much skew exists in each of the countries studied. That could be more illuminating about your “chunks” than even the raw stats.

  2. Sorry, I wish it were possible to edit one’s own posts on WordPress – there are lots of examples of bad spelling etc. I guess the post was moderated due to the number of links it contained…

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