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rape is fashionable this season



10 thoughts on “rape is fashionable this season

  1. they have finally decided to pull out the advert. but, and thats really frightening, they have complained that spain, where the advert was meant for, is backward. the only backward thing, here, seems the advert itself…

  2. It’s not about rape; this advert follows the ‘dominatrix’ tred this season. Dolce and Gobbana have based their line on sexual fantasy and desire – they based their paris catwalk show in an S&M chamber! Part of female desire is undoubtedly, due to the pfysical actuality of heterosexual sex, masochism and subjugation. It’s appealing to women, in this repsect even more so than to men.

  3. hi Hannah,

    Isn’t the very assumption that women want to be dominated what is at stake here?

    That is, we wouldn’t let a rapist off just on grounds that he assumed that women wanted to be dominated, would we? And we wouldn’t want to do that even if he had good grounds for thinking that women wanted to be dominated…

    interesting your point about how it’s meant to appeal to women even more than to men…

  4. Actually, that ad doesn’t creep me out at all. My brain processes go somewhat like this: “Hey, wtf are those guys doing to that wo… oh. Oh, it’s ok, they’re probably just volunteering to fix her horrid hairstyle. Nothing suspicious going on here.” 😛

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