February 26, 2007

Now that he’s no longer the #1 American Loser, will he run? And, if he does, how long will it take the GOP to notice that his first name smells very Arabic?


4 Responses to “Al”

  1. hairybeast Says:

    He’s not?

    The Beast may be wrong but did not Al Gore run a hapless campaign that lost him an election he should have won?

    Ok so a few years later he makes a sci-fi movie that charms the hell out of the Hollywood Liberal Elites, leftwing bloggers and euro socialist eco-fantasists – talk about preaching to the choir…

  2. yucca Says:

    Hi Beast,

    What I meant is that things have turned around a bit for Gore, image-wise… and that could, eventually, help him… if he runs. do you think he will?

    it’s funny cause it took me a while to work out that your “he’s not?” referred to Gore being a loser, rather than to his being arabic 😉

  3. Dave Says:

    I don’t think he will. I don’t think he wants to go up against Hillary’s machine. And now there’s the stuff in the news about his own hypocrisy with his energy-guzzling mansion taking the shine off his statuette.

  4. yucca Says:

    last night i saw an interesting poll Dave. it polled dems with or without Gore. in the one with Gore, he came third with 14%, even though he’s not running. in the one without, his votes seemed to go more to hillary than to obama. i would have thought Gore would have been to hillary’s left, taking, eventually, obama’s and edward’s support. but if he can take votes away from hillary, then he might have a chance…

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