ailing authority

March 5, 2007

The Home Office really is falling to pieces (you should do something!). Here’s a extract from today’s back-page illegal workers’ ad in The Guardian:

Hiring migrant workers who aren’t entitled to work in the UK is illegal. If you’re caught you could be fined or even face a prison sentence. And it will be reported in the local press, with all the damages to your reputation that this implies.


3 Responses to “ailing authority”

  1. John Reid Says:

    Obviously such riff raff would not be allowed in the new prison plan to turn a 3 star hotel back into a prison. I have blogged this for your delight.

  2. yucca Says:

    i wouldn’t have dared to attribute such tasteless riff raff to yourself, Hom Sec. I was sure all along it must have been one of the few of your employees which still escape your control – they wont last long, will they?

  3. writerchick Says:

    lol – you two are funny.

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