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boycotting away…


Yesterday I gave up my 13-months silent boycott of Edinburgh‘s Filmhouse (went to see Flags of Our Fathers – didn’t like it).

P.S. I am still boycotting Edinburgh‘s Ripping Records though.


10 thoughts on “boycotting away…

  1. fran-tex-t says:

    yeah!! it’s fran 2dotzero!

    after a reboot -of my life [graduated] and of my macbook- I decided to switch, at least for this foreign languange blog

    so, now the filmhouse staff acts properly?

  2. congratulations on your new life, then!

    i didnt have any problems last night, actually… but that’s a good point. if you boycott a place because they misbehave, the way to stop boycotting it is by finding out whether they still misbehave… but if you are boycotting, how can you find out?

    have i just got myself a paradox or something? 😉

  3. So, 1) what did they do to prompt the boycott, 2) why didn’t you like the film, and 3) are you now compelled to see if you should end your boycott of the record shop?

  4. Hey Dave,

    1) they treated me like shit (pardon the french)

    2) im not sure why. i have been thinking about it. maybe the simplicity of the message. the supposed lies, the spin, the clever politicians and officers, which are a bit nasty, and the naive privates, which are, though, good. that kind of thing i didnt like. also it had been a long time since i had seen a war movie. and, really, i cant take the fighting scenes. im just no longer strong enough for them.

    3) yes, but how do i do that, if i cant go in the shop? any ideas? should i send someone else?

  5. You could send a friend into the record shop, or even a series of friends who could report back to you. Or you could stand outside the shop and conduct an exit poll.

    In either case did you write a letter of complaint?

  6. funny you ask that, Dave: ’cause last night i was discussing with my flatmate about the definition of boycott. he thought that it cannot be a boycott if whoever you are boycotting is not aware of the fact that you are boycotting them. so i guess, according to him, i should have sent a letter. but i didn’t. but im sure i’ve told them on the spot. does that count?

    yeah, i guess sending a friend or running exit polls should do 😉

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