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Boring Old Scotland


These are Judie Morrison and Catriona Watt, the two teenage girls with which SNP MP Angus Mcneil has admitted to have had a ‘drunken romp’. Were you not desperate to find out what they looked like?

(hat tip: Craig Murray)


12 thoughts on “Boring Old Scotland

  1. Thanks, Yucca. Those young ladies are very pretty.

    Um – three questions:
    1. Who is “SNP MP Angus Mcneil”?
    2. Why is is first and second name unpronounceable? Is it a “Scot” thing?
    3. “Teensage girls” as in 18-19 right?

  2. hi Beast,

    SNP stands for Scottish National Party, which is ahead in the polls for next month’s elections for the scottish parliament

    MP stands for Member of Parlament… that is down in London, not here in Edinburgh… while Angus Mcneil is his name… yup, very scottish…

    i think they were 17 and 18 at the time…

  3. There was no question about the legality of the encounter, only the propriety, as his wife was heavily pregnant at their home on Barra at the time. I agree that they are awful pretty.

  4. Hi Dave,

    yes, agreed that the issue was, if anything, that mcneil was cheatin… even though i think that the issue is, really, that a labour paper wanted to smear the snp, for two very good reasons: scottish elections and cash for peerages… interesting twist that one of the two girls is the daughter of a church of scotland minister… anyway, done and dusted…

    awful pretty is a bit generous, dont you think? 😉

  5. Dave On Fire says:

    Well they look pretty enough to me, but how to tell; the levels in the photo remind of the vaseline smeared on the camera lens whenever Captain Kirk looked at a woman on Star Trek.

  6. 🙂

    guys, let’s play it a bit cooler, though, shall we? otherwise we’ll just reinforce anti-blogger stereotypes… let us just pretend that we wouldnt have gone for such plainess… for the sake, and dignity, of the blogosphere 😉

  7. ***** says:

    GalleryNEWS broken yesterday by a Sunday tabloid newspaper has left islanders shaken and three families devastated.
    The article related a drunken incident which occurred two years ago concerning SNP MP Angus MacNeil and island girls Catriona Watt and Judie Morrison.
    Catriona and Judie, who both study at the Royal Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, have won huge acclaim for their musical talents in Celtic group Teine.
    Sensationalised by the newspaper, the story has caused great upset to all parties involved. And has especially shaken the confidence and trust of the two young women involved.
    As Judie revealed: “The journalist promised me anonymity and protection (even leaving the phone to check this with his editor) if, he said, I told the facts as I knew them. This was a patent lie.
    “There are a lot of inaccuracies in the story as reported. I have never been to Shetland and the information I gave was repeatedly misquoted and twisted.
    “What happened was wrong and foolish and I regret it. The paper tried to make much more of this episode than there was, but even their twisted facts did not support their misleading headline.”
    She added: “I regret the pain this has caused my parents and family. This has been a difficult experience in my life, but has had a positive outcome in that since then I have become a Christian.”
    Rev Angus Morrison, and wife Marion, parents of Judie; and Calum and Ann Watt, parents of Catriona, have also issued a statement regarding allegations detailed within the piece.
    They said: “As parents of the girls named in the story about the Western Isles MP, concerning an incident which took place over two years ago, we affirm our total support for our girls, in every respect.
    “The episode concerned, as they have acknowledged, should not have taken place and is deeply regretted.”
    They revealed: “The story, as reported, contained substantial and substantive inaccuracies and misquotations, and even with such inaccuracies clearly had no basis for the level of salaciousness which its sensational headline maliciously suggested.
    “The girls were tricked into speaking to the journalist by a categorical assurance from him – even by the use of a word as certain as ‘guarantee’ – of anonymity.
    “This assurance has been proved to be totally false and heartless.”
    Calum Watt, SSPCA inspector in Stornoway, added: “We would also like to thank islanders for their support and messages of support.
    “Local people know these local girls and I would like them to know that the girls did not go to the press with this. Someone has tipped off the reporter, who then approached the girls. They in no way contacted the press.”
    At the time of posting, the newspaper and the journalist involved were unavailable for comment.
    In a statement, MP Angus MacNeil said: “I bitterly regret that this incident occurred and I apologise to my family for causing them embarrassment and hurt. I also apologise to the young women involved and their families. I really should have known very much better.”
    He continued: “Yes, some foolishness took place at a post ceilidh party, which was wrong and stupid. There is no allegation that anything further happened and I wish to make that absolutely clear.
    “It was a lapse of judgement two years ago, for which I am sorry.”
    For more on this story see this week’s Gazette, out on Thursday, April 12

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