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David Miliband said yesterday that Brown is “an excellent prime minister in waiting”. Of course, we don’t mind Gordon as prime minister in waiting either. He has actually been the source of much entertainment as prime minister in waiting over the past decade. So much so that we hereby propose that the next labour government creates the post of prime-minister-in-waiting; they already have by far the best man for the job this side of Pluto (with the post comes a stately home, and a willing secretary).

Needless to say, then, Miliband hasn’t answered the real question: will Brown be an excellent Prime Minister?


2 thoughts on “prime-minister-in-waiting

  1. daveross says:

    When did we give up on fucking democracy anyway. No one in th UK has voted for Brown as PM this is a disgrace but as usual we will all stand by and let it happen. Must be something good on the telly!! When can we have our politics back?

  2. agreed. it is disgraceful that the leadership of the country can be passed on from one to another without anyone asking for the bloody elections… are we already gettin tired of democracy??? i thought it was only the beginning… evidently, this country has had it for too long…

    this is all the more reasons, by the way, to have a proper leadership contest…

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