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scottish elections predictions

Here’s my prediction for tomorrow’s elections (won’t send it to the bbc – the prize is horrific):

SNP 44, Labour 41, LibDems 21, Tories 18, Greens 2, SSP 1, + Sheridan and an independent.

I’ll probably be voting Labour’s Sarah Boyack in the constituency vote and the Greens for the regional list (I know, boooooring).


9 thoughts on “scottish elections predictions

  1. You mean you don’t want a lifesize cardboard cut out of Ms Goldie for your front room 😆

    I think you’ve underestimated the Green showing and I’m betting that SSP will do better than one … I’m also hoping that SNP do better than that whilst Labour take a bigger tanking, but I doubt I’ll get that particular wish …

    … Guess we’ll know come Friday morning.

  2. Boring but you *are* voting, that’s important. While I disagree with your reasons for voting for Boyack, I an glad you want to make your mark, as it were.

  3. Alasdair,

    I think I would have gone for the Salmond one anyway 😉

    You’re probably right about the smaller parties… polls always underestimate them… and there could be quite a lot of split votes like mine

    we’ll see…

  4. Ewan,

    I feel the same; almost like I don’t have any sufficient reason to vote for anyone, but I don’t want not to actually use my vote… but it looks like you’ve read my reasons from the previous post, so no much sense going through them again here

    … off to vote now…

  5. I’m not a nationalist but I’m voting SNP. It’s about changing the state of things.

    Don’t be so literal.

    Labour are war-mongering idiots.

    Have you seen this?

  6. Gus,

    Thanks for the video. It’s not only funny, it is actually quite nice in its nostalgia.

    And I think it also expresses what my objection to you, and to quite a lot of people like you (for example the Alasdair of the first comment) is.

    How can you guys move from being so critical of new labour, through the even justified nostalgia for the labour that once was and that could have been, to the snp? (which is how the video goes)

    where is the coherence? where is the path? where is the continuity?

    it strikes as very weird even in an ironic video: showing john smith and robin cook next to alex salmond, come on…

    my objection to you, gus, is, in short, sheridan’s (from the video on your blog): a socialist can be an independentist, sure enough. but how can a socialist be a nationalist? that, i don’t get.

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