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Benn for Deputy Leader

I just watched the six candidates for deputy leader on Newsnight, and I say Hilary Benn. He stuck by what appeared to be his beliefs, even when it meant not distancing himself from Blair, like over Iraq. He’s not a great communicator, but none of them is anyway. One of the things I was surprised by was that Alan Johnson has pretty clearly stolen the place furthest to the right from Blears (god she’s tiny!). If he gets the job, then we’ll see a lot of Blairism vindicated. And, more importantly, a Johnson win would show that the Labour Party is much less tired of Blairism than the media makes it out to be. But I’d vote for Benn (yes, he’s a politician’s son, and that’s bad, but then again that’s one of the few things about himself that he did not choose)


2 thoughts on “Benn for Deputy Leader

  1. Dave On Fire says:

    I saw Hilary Benn on the News a few weeks ago (at one of the hustings), what he said about Iraq seemed completely disingenuous and self-serving. I paraphrase:

    Whether we we right or wrong in 2003, it’s now 2007…

    Yeah, what kind of loony lefty hippy expects democratic governments to take responsibility for their actions? But of course we do of course need a practical response to the problems of today’s Iraq, so let’s put his history-denial to one side and see what he prescribes.

    … and in 2007 we are helping the Iraqis to fight the car bombers and al Qaeda.

    Is that what we’re doing? The Iraqis seem to think otherwise; poll after poll has shown that the public want us out, sharpish, and that that will make their lives safer. Even the Iraqi Parliament has started to reflect the people’s ambitions of self-rule. Of course, as the head of a rebranded reincarnation of the Ministry for the Colonies, Hilary knows better than to listen to the uneducated rabble in whose interest only we have the authority to act… except that even western independent studies unsurprisingly conclude that we’re making things far worse for the Iraqis and probably for ourselves.
    To Hilary Benn, I can only give the same verdict as I gave David Miliband. At first he seems alright, but his persistent quasi-sycophantic unwillingness to question or criticise the Party Line shows his true colours. Hazel Blears’ dismissal of social equality as a minor concern next to letting the rich enjoy the fruits of their “hard work” speaks volumes, and as for Alan “Forget top-up fees and foundation hospitals, and look how working class I am!” Johnson …

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