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‘Women, children and people’

On Sunday’s ‘Scotland after the Bomb’ (BBC1, 10.15pm), Bashir Maan, Scotland’s representative on the Muslim Council of Britain, declared that Islam does not condone the killing of ‘women, children and people’. Maan unintentionally revealed the underlying Islamic tendency to class women as minors alongside children, as opposed to men, who are evidently the only proper ‘people’. As one of the chief representatives of moderate Islam in Britain, Maan exposed the fact that this dangerous prejudice applies not only to extremists, but to moderate Muslims also.

Written by Ms. Kok, an associate of the Yucca


5 thoughts on “‘Women, children and people’

  1. Hardly a freudian slip, how many times have we heard a cry of “women and children first” … it doesn’t mean women are classed as children it means that the lives of women and children are valued above those of men.

  2. i know, alasdair… but the point is that he said “people” rather than “men”! it is the identity people=men, coupled with the distinction between children and women on the one side, and poeple on the other, that is disturbing and reaviling at the same time

    p.s. i dont deny that we are patriarcal ourselves, by always distinguishing women and children from the rest

    it is this supposed innocence of women, underlined recently by the pope himself, that is the worry.

    puppies are innocent. machines are innocent. women are people! and therefore responsible agents

  3. but that’s the fun of it! 😉

    p.s. i must also confess that analysis is my job: which is sad, if for nothing else because i can’t help overdoing it even off-work

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