July 23, 2007

The Insatiable Yucca is proud to announce that he won. Yes, he won. He won against the establishment, overthrowing it.

Go and check the wikipedia page for “Harry Potter” and the wikipedia page for “J.K. Rowling”. Both now refer to her as “British” rather than “English”, after the bloody battle between the Yucca and wikipedia already documented on this blog.

P.S. If you think my celebration geeky and sad, you are right. But, more importantly, you have never fought nor defeated the wikipedia establishment. Revolution, these days, takes unlikely forms. Get used to it!


6 Responses to “I WON”

  1. fran-tex-t Says:

    geeky for sure, not sad though

  2. Alasdair Says:

    Well done! There does seem to be a bit of a problem in that more and more people are intent on treating Wikipedia as an authoritative document on everything …

  3. Yucca Says:


    troppo buono 😉


    my students even reference it for philosophy essays 😉

  4. writerchick Says:

    Congrats! Though I didn’t know that Wiki had reached Establishment status.

  5. micene Says:

    interesting point chick!

    i guess it depends whether, to count as establishment, you need to actually be established, or just to take yourself to be established. ’cause the latter definitely applies to wikipedia

  6. yucca Says:

    ops, sorry, wrong login

    the last comment was mine

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