foot&mouth is with us again. If I were religious, I’d tell all carnivores out there that’s god’s punishment for your sins, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s the bloody cows that are punished, mostly – seven millions of them last time around. I guess the punishment, for you carnivores, is that you probably won’t eat as much meat. Anyway, there is a sad irony in this: from a political point of view, foot&mouth should be good news for vegetarianism, because it sheds a bad light on the meat industry; it is, at the very least, bad advertisement (which some say it’s better than nothing, but anyway…). On the other hand, though, foot&mouth means a lot of animals will die. So what is a vegetarian to think, tonight?


2 thoughts on “foot&mouth

  1. the dilemma is resolved then: it is bad news for vegetarianism because lots of animals will be slaughtered.

    p.s. dunno the data, but im pretty sure that last time around there was a contraction in the business of the meat industry

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