August 3, 2007

Iain Dale is asking bloggers to nominate their Top20 UK political blogs. So Yucca looked around itself, and realized that it’s blogroll doesn’t even contain 20 UK political blogs. There’s Dave, Dave, Nosemonkey, Gus, Iain, Norm, Oliver Kamm, and the Snob which I all read pretty regularly. There is Reid which has, just like the former Home Secretary, retired. There’s Alasdair which doesn’t really count as a political blog, I think (do you, Alasdair?). And then there is a few others on the list which I don’t really read though, like this, this, and this. So my knowledge of the UK’s political blogosphere is still very limited. I have therefore decided to use Dale’s project as an excuse to further it.


2 Responses to “top20”

  1. Alasdair Says:

    Hi Yucca,

    No, not political, but then not apolitical either 😉

    I was wondering how my blog had become associatted with a top 20 of anything 😆

  2. yucca Says:

    that’s true though… you are definitely not apolitical… so i think you’ll have endure being part of a top20… not much competition so far anyway 😉

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