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…and the wait goes on, and on…

This is Italy: polls closed at 8pm on Sunday, and on Tuesday we are still waiting for the full picture; only around 70% of all the votes have been counted so far. And, surprise surprise, it is starting to look as though less than three million people voted, in the end (even though papers still run numbers as high as 3,4 millions). But, I guess, Italy being Italy, and a mock election being a mock election, we will just have to wait and see… one does get the impression, though, that they will be dragging on forever so that when the full results do emerge, no one will be interested anymore.

Meanwhile, it looks as though this is the only item on those elections to have appeared on the British media.

p.s. btw, before anybody else says it, Lembit Opik for Lib Dem Leader!


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