“tirarsi la zappa sui piedi”

December 3, 2007

The Government has managed to free the teacher jailed in Sudan for reasons too pathetic to deserve a mention on this blog. This must, in itself, be considered a success. Unfortunately for Brown, though, the speedy resolution of this crisis means everyone’s attention cannot be anywhere else than on Donorgate. Brown, I have always thought so, is way too good (morally, that is – only morally) to be PM.

p.s. the title is an italian proverb which best describes how Brown has not helped himself by successfully freeing the teacher.


4 Responses to ““tirarsi la zappa sui piedi””

  1. fran-tex-t Says:

    is he better than Veltroni? in uk is there such thing as “gordonism” or “goodism”?

  2. yucca Says:


    thats the wrong blog to talk about VW… go and see what i have done to the poor VW on nullo

    anyway, truth is: i cant answer your question. brown is pretty bad, real fuckin bad… veltroni, oh, he is simly disgusting.

    difference is: i wouldnt have voted PD with or without veltroni. while i have voted and would consider voting labour again. but with brown, seriously, i think i couldnt bring myself to do it

  3. fran-tex-t Says:

    i’ve seen what you’ve done to the poor VW’s daughter, you fucking bastard!

  4. yucca Says:

    my dear friend,

    i wouldnt have thought ‘fuckin’ and ‘VW’s daughter’ in the same sentence gave rise to a contradiction 😉

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