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more votes, less delegates, and the anti-Hillary bias

This is for you, Nihil: yesterday HRC ‘won’ Nevada by 6%; but it is projected that she will get one delegate less than Obama. Just as HRC had got one more delegate than Edwards in Iowa notwithstanding receiving fewer votes. The same explanation applies to both cases: it is also the geographical distribution of votes, rather than simply their sheer number, that counts.

But here’s a crucial difference: in the case of Iowa the MSMedia largely ignored the delegate numbers in order to make the simple and sensational claim that HRC had come third. Yesterday in Nevada the number of delegates has been reported almost as much as the the number of votes, in order to underplay, I guess, HRC’s victory.


2 thoughts on “more votes, less delegates, and the anti-Hillary bias

  1. Eva says:

    It is very sad that such good, representative, normal politician as Obama is, who is a hope for change the course of tragic US politics lost with such person as Clinton is. What can this Clinton change? Her husband bombed Afghanistan, attacked Iraq and tried to start a big war in Iraq, she voted for war in Iraq too. She has no plan to withdraw US troops from Iraq. And financial crisis in USA and high oil prices are the result of just such US politics. Politics of just such people as Bush and Clinton are. So the next super idiot will be the president of USA. The next Bush but in womanish issue.

  2. Eva says:

    The old truth is real. The worst of the worst politician is always elected for president in USA. Have normal people no chances in this country? What does it give for society? Nothing. And why do they vote for the worst of the worst? Such people as Bush and Clinton gave nothing for society, they sow only unrest in the world. I think that if you elect a normal president ( not Bush and Clinton ) these your towers in NY would be intact till now. Politics of Clinton and Bush led to this agression.

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