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Kennedys vs. Clintons

Could the Democratic contest get any more interesting than Obama trashing Hillary in South Carolina? It just did: the Kennedys – JFK’s daughter Caroline and, more importantly, Teddy – are endorsing Obama. Do you want to know why? Obviously because the Clintons represent the only political force in America which is capable of replacing the Kennedys themselves. So Teddy&Co. will be, as always, fighting for themselves – forget Obama. But at least now Hill&Bill have a real opposition. And that gives a new groundbreaking theme to the contest: will the American left finally rid itself of its most teary and tiresome legacy (based, mainly, on the disturbing, and very American, power of victimhood)? And will it be able to do that only at the price of acquiring a new one?

p.s. personal anecdote for Europeans who want to understand the K. factor. Only once in my life I witnessed a student cry at a University lecture (or maybe I should say: only once I witnessed a student crying for something other than marks): it was at UC Santa Cruz, and the youngish lefty Prof. was doing some JFK bashing, when this sweet overweight girl couldn’t take any more of it, and actually started crying.

p.s.s. this is also very funny


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