Setting the record straight on Berlusconi

Both The Economist and BBC News refer to Silvio Berlusconi – who is likely to be elected Italy‘s Prime Minister for the third time next weekend – as Italy‘s richest man. That is no longer true: Forbes‘ 2008 Billionaires survey found Berlusconi to be ‘only’ Italy‘s third richest man, behind Michele Ferrero (chocolate) and Leonardo Del Vecchio (shoes).


2 thoughts on “Setting the record straight on Berlusconi

  1. fran says:

    yucca comes back!!! but it seems really unlikely that our dear Silvio (company insurances, televisions, newspapers, and a lot of other stuff) isn’t the richest one. I thinks it depends strictly just on his personal assets, I’m almost sure that the mediaset group is the richest in Italy

  2. yucca says:

    hey fran!

    im just going by forbes, which is THE ‘standard’ for determinin who is richest… for example bill gates has been considered until this year the world richest man because of forbes’ survey. also, forbes does consider the family wealth, rather than just what the individual declares – otherwise, i think, armani, and not those three, who’d be italy’s richest individual.

    obviously it could be that the chunk of the economy that can be traced back to berlusconi is bigger than what can be traced back to ferrero or del vecchio. but that is harder to measure, i think – and thats why it gets ignored. on those terms, though, i would have thought the FIAT group would have been bigger.

    ill try to see if i find anything about that, anyway… and report back to you 😉

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