Is Obama finished?

May 20, 2008

In the last three months – since February 20th – there have been eleven democratic primary contests (two more, Oregon and Kentucky, take place today).

In these eleven contests, Obama has obtained a total of 394 pledged delegates, while Clinton has taken 398.

So in the last three months Obama has gathered fewer pledged delegates than Hillary Clinton.

In the same last eleven contests Obama has received 5,515,438 votes; while Clinton has received 5,858,938.

So in the last three months Clinton has received 345,500 votes more than Obama.


2 Responses to “Is Obama finished?”

  1. Larry Darrell Says:

    what happened to the “mathematical impossibility” that hillary clinton would win?

  2. yucca Says:

    Hi Larry,

    never believed in that myself… Hillary, as its quite easy to work out by looking at the numbers, can still come up on top of the most significant count of the popular vote, the one that does NOT include Michigan but includes Florida where Obama was on the ballot. if that happens, there is no reason why superdelegates should not go for the candidate who, in the last three months, has done consistently better on all fronts

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