Rove’s maps: is Obama really gonna bring even New York back into play?

May 23, 2008

One striking feature of Rove’s electoral maps – which I hadn’t noticed the first time I looked at them the other day – is that with Obama as the Democratic candidate even the state of New York (N-E-W Y-O-R-K!!!) is in play! Obama has only a 4% advantage, just enough to paint the state blue on Rove’s maps (3% advantages count as toss-ups).

I don’t know which polls Rove used for New York, but here there is a pretty comprehensive list, which appears to suggest that maybe Rove is underestimating Obama in New York: have a look at the list and you will also see, though, that there is at least one scary poll for Dems…


2 Responses to “Rove’s maps: is Obama really gonna bring even New York back into play?”

  1. Hans Says:

    umm, let me remind you he has barely even campaigned there yet. you think with the number of military bases, home to the 10th Mnt. Division near Watertown, where those guys have been out on rotation since pre-Afghanistan, they are going to go for McCain?!! you must be slightly delusional like Hillary!

  2. yucca Says:

    Hi Hans,

    I’m not claiming that Obama will lose New York – that would be, I agree, delusional.

    I am claiming that even the suggestion that Obama might bring New York into play should remind the Democratic Party who their are choosing to try and win the White House. I hardly need reminding you what Obama’s numbers in the states that really count are…

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