Democratic primaries’ results since February 20th (final)

June 4, 2008

Since February 20th, there have been 16 Democratic Primary contests. Hillary has won 9, Obama 7. So Hillary has won more Democratic Primaries since February 20th than Obama.

In the 16 contests since February 20th, Hillary has won 507 pledged delegates; Obama 470. So since February 20th Hillary has won more pledged delegates than Obama.

In the 16 contests since February 20th, Hillary has gathered 6,929,767 votes, Obama 6,313,396. So since February 20th Hillary has won more votes than Obama.

Summing up, since February 20th Hillary has won more states, pledged delegates, and votes than Obama. Are the democrats going into the Presidential Election not only with the weaker candidate of the two, but with a candidate that stopped being viable more than 3 months ago?


9 Responses to “Democratic primaries’ results since February 20th (final)”

  1. […] FENOMENO GIÀ VECCHIO – Infatti dal 20 Febbraio ad oggi Obama è dietro alla Clinton in ogni ordine di calcolo: nel numero dei pledged delegates, 509 a 472; nel numero dei voti, 6,929,767 a 6,313,396; perfino […]

  2. Phil Says:

    Obama won. He won on superdelegates, he won on pledged delegates, he won on the popular vote and he’s won the nomination. I’d argue he’s the stronger candidate.

    He’s also the favorite to be the next president. If you don’t think the favorite is viable then you’re not using the word right.

  3. yucca Says:


    Im talking relative to Hillary and relatively to the relative strenght of the Dems and GOP this time around.

    Hillary would have had it easier against McCain. And, generally, the Dems would have had it easier against McCain with a candidate that was not Obama. Still, it will be great if Obama wins. And I do accept that Obama starts the contest with McCain as favourite. What my numbers show is, i think, that Obama is putting the presidency in play, why in this political climate the presidency should have been locked for Dems. that’s my thesis, and i think the numbers do suggest that.

  4. writerchick Says:

    This whole thing confuses me. If she is ahead in all of these things, then why is the press, saying it’s all over and Obama is the presumptive candidate? The Dems and their weird rules.

  5. Hilary was probably the stronger candidate (We will never know), except that the U.S. doesn’t have laws against calling her a bitch and a cunt. We DO have laws against slurring Obama with the “N” word. Notice I can’t spell out the “N” word, but I can write bitch and cunt with impunity. Regarding women and blacks, this is the civil rights status in the U.S. It’s more acceptable to be a black MAN than to be a woman of any color.

  6. Marinkina Says:

    Качество друзей тоже надо учитывать. Дональд Трамп, например, на двадцатку потянет.

  7. Cederash Says:

    Шдето я что то подобное уже видел

  8. Avertedd Says:

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