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The Guardian of Privilege

Ashley at her best (I’d better stop read her before this blog becomes a Ashley-watch): yesterday she was actually cheering for starvation. Look here:

We talk earnestly about the spreading of democracy across Asia and, one day, Africa. But if it is accompanied by the material profusion and waste enjoyed by the western democracies – and that’s what billions of others want – then God help us all.

Dear God, please do help us! What are we going to do when everybody will actually have enough resources to survive? But I’m sure that, in your infallible foresight, you are have already been working hard to avoid such catastrophe. That would, indeed, explain many, many things…

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Will anyone vote McCain?

McCain appears to have realized that the Republican nomination cannot be a contest for best right-wing liberal; so the Senator is leaving that corner to Giuliani, and he’ll try to behave as (if not be) a proper conservative. So, we learn from Liberal Values, McCain now is definitely against abortion (he hasn’t always been), and he’s willing for creationism to be taught in school (he didn’t use to be). Overtaking Giuliani on the right is his only way to win the Republican nomination, but the problem for McCain is there’s plenty of proper conservative candidates already there: they haven’t got any chance to win, but they reduce the number of votes McCain can gain from moving to the right. Evangelicals will spot a sinner all-right. And there will be more Evangelicals among conservatives voting for the primaries than there will be among conservatives voting for the Presidential elections. So McCain’s stuck: those who don’t mind a liberal-leaning Republican candidate, and one that can get elected, will vote Giuliani. And those who do mind a liberal-leaning Republican candidate, will not vote McCain. So where is the Senator from Arizona gonna get his votes?

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notes on ‘Jesus Camp’

It’s common among Christians to pray when faced with a touch decision (and, as dilemmas go, it doesn’t get much harder than whether to send your kids to Bible Camp). Evangelical Christians have gone a step further: they have substituted the verb ‘to decide’ with the verb ‘to pray’. So, in Jesus Camp, the minister does not tell families to decide whether to send their kids to Bible Camp; she rather tells them to pray whether to send their kids to Bible Camp. This is no irrelevant difference: it undermines the Christian commitment to free will.

P.S. Did you notice, dear Pope, that the minister, in Jesus Camp, is a woman?